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Central Park Property Management

As a full-service Central Park based property management company, we service our clients via three primary services that we offer.

full service property management

This is the “easy button” for any owner looking to have someone fully manage their rental property for them. This is a perfect option for someone that has other priorities right now in their life and wants to rely on a professional team to handle their property.

leasing only

With this service we help you professionally market the home and get it leased for you to a qualified tenant on our attorney-drafted lease. You then manage the property and the tenant going forward. This is a good plan for someone who is more of the “DIY” type. They just want some help with marketing but they have the time and expertise to handle the property going forward. To learn more about the leasing only option you can visit our pricing page where we compare this service to the full service property management option.

real estate brokerage

If you need assistance buying or selling a home in and around Central Park we’re happy to help with that through our sister company, Focus Real Estate. We’ve helped hundreds of buyers and sellers in the community over 12+ years of service in the area and we’d love to help you as well. If you’re interested in brokerage services you can check out our brokerage website or schedule a call to discuss your specific situation.

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