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Collecting Rent For Your Investment

We make sure you get paid on time, every time

Collecting rent is easy if you have the perfect tenant who pays on time! But what if they don’t? Having someone in your corner who knows tenant law and the proper notices to send is critical!

If a tenant has gone beyond the grace period of the lease we provide them with a late rent notice, where we collect the appropriate late fees along with the normal rent amount. Worse case, if we have a tenant that does stop paying rent, we will assist in the eviction process using our trusted legal partners and re-rent the property as quickly as possible.

We make paying rent easy for tenants with the online tenant portal that can be accessed 24/7. We strongly encourage tenants to pay online, which means we can pay you out faster.

Rent is due on the 1st, with a 7 day grace period. In 2021, several new tenant laws passed the Colorado state Senate. One of those bills, Senate Bill 173 (SB 173), had a big impact on property ownerws. This bill imposes limits on late fees. A late fee cannot be charged unless rent is late by at least seven calendar days. Late fees also cannot exceed the greater of $50 or 5% of the amount past due. This means that if part of the rent is received before 7 days, and only a portion is still owed, we can only charge 5% on what is owed based on C.R.S. §38-12-102(3). Through our legal partner, we will stay on top of these types of changes and make sure we’re continually updating our policies to stay in compliance.


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