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Professional Management Services in Central Park and Surrounding Areas

Agent Referrals

At Focus, we would love to be your resource in Central Park and the surrounding area when you have a client that needs either full-service property management or leasing-only services.

To be this resource we understand that we have to earn your trust and we understand that you have to know that we are not in it to steal your client.

So to make sure we’re very transparent and honor the relationship you have with your client we’ve made it our practice to sign a referral agreement with any agent that sends a prospective client our way. Our referral agreement, which you can see below, provides you with one of two options when you send a client our way:

  1. We agree in writing that Focus will never help the client buy or sell real estate. If they request our assistance we’ll let them know we are not able to and request that they contact you.
  2. Or

  3. We agree in writing that Focus will pay you as the referring agent 25% of all buy or sale transactions with this client in perpetuity.

Whichever one of the two options above you choose based on your relationship with the client works well for us. Our goal with these referrals is to provide them with a great property management experience, it’s not to help them buy or sell real estate.

Agent Referral Agreement

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